BioAGE is the code of a project under construction phase started by Binetix LLC in November 2012 with the financial support of EU and Bulgarian Government. Its goal is to create a new product – innovative software and hardware environment for development and deployment of distributed applications. A proprietary grid technology's purpose is to virtualize the access to heterogeneous resources, to coordinate them in an optimal manner and to execute simultaneously parallel and legacy applications. The environment is going to be designed to generalize the results received from geographically dispersed nodes.

This platform is designed to be used by experts who do not posses knowledge in the field of parallel computations in order to help them to construct specialized programs, embedded solutions or just to conduct tests and experiments in distributed environment. The project includes the implementation of a software tool, named Visual Grid Orchestrator (VGO), for interactive graphical development of test scenarios. These scenarios should be considered as a bag of components interconnected with internal or external resources. The components are ready to use existing legacy algorithms (as a stub to external libraries written on standard programming languages such as C, C++ or Java) and to implement completely new native tasks on functional programming language. Once created and deployed into the grid these components have to be ready for execution or for visual design remaining completely transparent to the regular users.

As a final product the BioAGE is going to be equipped with a bundle of components deployed for stand-alone usage (machine-to-machine) within the grid environment or ready for development of new distributed applications using the VGO.

The following components and applications are under active development:

  • Image processing components for point, local and global (Fourier high and low frequency filters) operations;
  • Image processing components for regional segmentation (Medical image diagnostics);
  • Component for indexing unstructured data from files or EHR (Medical);
  • Component for semantic search throughout unstructured information for text based documents and XML files;
  • Demo application for processing medical images – contour recognition or IR temperature extraction;
  • Demo application for processing EHR – semantic search in health records (Health-care providers, Hospitals).

The project will bring the following opportunities, and advancements to our existing technologies:

  • Visual Development – The VGO has the ambition to simplify the development and the deployment of distributed applications in complex heterogeneous environment for experts in Medical, Information management, Intelligence and other professional or scientific fields.
  • Legacy Algorithms in Parallel – BioAGE is going to manage simultaneously native applications and linear legacy code. This approach is going to be of a great benefit to medical laboratories, scientific institutions and companies which would like to keep their existing and proven software libraries in action and to harness them in both concurrent and redundant network environment.
  • Virtual Nodes – The nodes in the grid is going to publish functions and data in the unified way despite the hardware architecture like PC and ARM. They are planned to be stub units between the application logic and the hardware.
  1. Improved software and hardware platform for development and deployment of distributed applications or parallel algorithms;
  2. Computer virtualization of data resources and computations in different hardware architectures in particular PC AMD/Intel and ARM Cortex based computers-on-module;
  3. Visual tool for rapid and flexible construction of legacy and native components and parallel applications;
  4. Support of legacy code for PC or ARM embedded directly into the platform infrastructure;
  5. Library of component for image processing, sample biometric analysis and extraction of temperature data from infrared images;
  6. Library of components for powerful semantic search in unstructured information encoded in ASCII, Unicode, XML;
  7. Ready-to-use scenario for medical image processing;
  8. Ready-to-use scenario for specialized search in personal/electronic health records (EHR) in accordance with CEN/ISO EN13606;
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