HL7 Austria, August 2011

"One of the biggest challenges for IT in health care in the coming years it will be saved for the treatment and clinical documents for research to make available. Currently, huge amounts of information are in a little more structured and difficult maschinenauswertbarer form in the different Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, which can not be semantically evaluated in an appropriate manner...

The concept presented by Binetix BioAGE promises a very interesting way to link this information through semantic algorithms and make them usable biometric and epidemiological evaluations... Currently win on document standards based on XML, such as CEN / ISO EN13606 or the Health Level Seven Clinical Document Architecture (HL7 CDA) become increasingly important in the storage and exchange of clinical data... BioAGE is conceptually already prepared for this development, which increases the future security of the project."

Bulgarian Academy of Science, Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, June 2011

"The project BioAGE is of interest to people in the field of biomedical engineering. One of Its important applications is the processing and analysis of medical images. In particular, in the results of studies with conventional X-ray technique, images obtained by digital subtraction angiography, CT, with apparatus for MRI, for positron emission tomography, as well as in different isotopic studies ...

These important medical imaging objectives can be achieved with BioAGE software and hardware products for distributed applications. Key future of this product is that in its concept, is that it doesn’t require special knowledge in the field of parallel programming. This will greatly facilitate its use for routine purposes in clinics, training in higher education and scientific research. "

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